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Getting to know Athang Arturo, Crazy Song Creator

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Furious because his work had been claimed by other areas

A piece of the verse of the song above may already be quite familiar to the people of Banyuwangi. The original song is in the Oseng language sung by singer Demy, had become a hit in the Banyuwangi music scene. Several pieces of compact disc video sales (VCD) also often plays this song as a friend opening stalls.

Even the song titled ''Edan Turun'' can also be watched via social media networks such as YouTube. Who would have thought, behind the fame of this song, there is a musician as well as an artist who is quite eccentric. Athang Arthuro is his famous name. His real name is Tatang Pramono.

The man from the Dusun Truko, Karangsari Village, Sempu district, became the architect of the song which became a magnet for music lovers on Blambangan Earth. In a simple house where he lives with his wife, became a silent witness to the birth of this phenomenal work.

The song entitled ''Edan Turun'' itself has a background around romance. The story is a young man who still loves his lover. But the lover still doubts the love from the young man. Various efforts were shown to show the amount of love for her lover.

Regardless of the contents of the romance. Athang Arthuro puts an emphasis on every song he produces. As a native Oseng, this man is very thorough and observant in applying every detail of the word in the Oseng language in the song lyrics he makes.

"Isun people of Oseng should be able to advance the boss of Oseng,He said. Has the blood of an artist who has been honed since he was in junior high school, Athang Arthuro has the ability to play a number of musical instruments. He is good at playing the drums, guitar, to the drum.

Musical skill that is a valuable capital for him in spawning every work. Even more, His background as an Oseng person allows him to color and maintain the authenticity of the regional ancestral culture in song creations.

Not only the poetry content must contain the Oseng language. Athang Arthuro is also quite picky with the use of musical instruments used in every song he creates. Drum element , flute, to the violin, which is always a characteristic of Banyuwangi music.

On the other hand, Athang also does not rule out the existence of other music. With the collaboration of traditional musical instruments, Athang Arthuro's music is able to side by side and collaborate with other, more modern music such as drums, keyboard, even guitars.

“The point is that traditional tools must be used. It's an identity,” he said. So do not be surprised if later Banyuwangi music is able to penetrate the regional level of East Java and even nationally. This is evidenced by the recognition of his work, the song Edan Bawah successfully penetrated the recording studio for the umpteenth time.

This time, It is the turn of three dangdut divas who are members of Trio Macan to make this song the mainstay of their new album.. Through the strong lyrics of the song and the meaning contained in it, The Macan Trio was also fascinated by Banyuwangi's songs which were spread through social networks.

Until finally, his representatives came and met Athang to ask permission for the song to be put on the national music scene. "Yeah surprised and happy ,He said. Like a dream, that's how proud and happy Athang felt. He did not expect that his songs would be able to penetrate the national music market.

For him it was not only a matter of pride for himself. But for all music activists in Banyuwangi. "Proud of course. That's proof Banyuwangi music is recognized," he explained. But behind the success of the song Crazy Drop, Athang Arthuro was also furious and astonished at the same time.

Several parties had pirated the song as a work from other regions. The similarity of some vocabulary and intonation make this song, was labeled as not a song from Banyuwangi. Worse yet, behind the popularity of this song there are also those who claim that the song Edan Turun was once recognized as coming from another area.

This made Athang Arthuro furious. Legal steps were also prepared if someone pirated this phenomenal work. "That's basically a misunderstanding. But if anyone dares to admit- I, just watch out!” he said. Even though he has produced a phenomenal song, that doesn't make Athang complacent.

He is also currently speeding other works. There are more or less 70 song he ever made. You can listen to a number of his songs, such as I'iIe Yoyo, Aring-Aring, Lare Ayu, Just stop by Nyopo, Story of Compassion, Search Location, and many more songs.

Apart from being good to hear, the songs he makes always convey messages through the lyrics he makes. The song I'iIe Yoyo for example. This song implicitly gives a message for people not to talk too much. It was then symbolized by Athang with toddler talk.

“If you talk a lot, it's like a baby. His words are incomprehensible and pointless," he explained. He is also trying to complete several Osing songs with various musical genres. The target is that he wants the Banyuwangi song to be grounded throughout the archipelago.

Although speaking Osing, Banyuwangi songs can be accepted and sung by all levels of society in Indonesia. Long-term, Athang wants to have his own studio. (radar)

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