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Satisfied See Blue Fire, Eat Sahur at Paltuding

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damageClimbing the top of Ijen at night is fun. It takes hard work to get to the top. The twinkling city of Banyuwangi is visible from a height 2386 m/asl. Ijen does have an allure for anyone who greets him. Slowly we started climbing Ijen. To drive away fatigue, the entourage played songs stored on Black Berry (BB).

Practical during the trip, we did not encounter local or foreign tourists. What we encountered were only a few sulfur miners going up and down carrying sulfur in baskets. They seem to be tireless in order to get rupiah. "I'm just one PP (back and forth) it's like sulfur, But. It wants to rise again to the top,said Saman, One is a sulfur miner who claims to be from Telemung Village, Kalipuro District.

The endurance of the climbing group varies. Some can walk fast, some are so slow that they fall behind. The delegation of the Nanang Police Chief and the Deputy Police Chief Agus Widodo were at the front. I am one of the last group of Babinkamtibmas, Slippery Police, Aiptu Pri Yambodo, who was lying on the road. It's Mr. Pri's risk that he couldn't continue his journey because he caught a cold. To be honest, it's cold.

Lucky there are friends who smear eucalyptus oil. "I can't fart. This body feels cold. Lucky, after wind and defecation, body feels fit again,said Mr Pri. The challenge of climbing at night is indeed different from during the day. I don't feel tired at night. Especially, we could not see either side of the road we were walking. All the way, that is visible only trees and ravines.

To get rid of fatigue, several groups played songs. Head of Narcotics Unit AKP Watiyo continuously plays the song Tutupe Wirang sung by a singer who is currently on the rise, Demi. Unlike Watiyo, Head of Pamobvit Ipda Sugiarto even lit fireworks. Loud explosions of fireworks make the sight in the sky truly spectacular. The flash of fireworks seemed to pierce the moon.

His voice boomed to be heard everywhere. Right at 00.30, we set foot on the Post Bunder, sulfur weighing place. Fifteen minutes we rested while enjoying the supplies and waiting for the other groups to arrive. To get to the top, it will take another half hour. This time the terrain we passed was quite heavy. In addition to gusts of wind and cold temperatures, the smell of sulfur is also very stinging nose.

We started wearing masks. "Be careful, we'll soon be at the top. Stay 500 more meters arrived,"said Kasatsabhara AKP Sudarmaji. The journey to the top finally asked for "sacrifices". Suddenly, the right leg of Kabagops Police Commissioner Sujarwo cramped. The police officer with a single rose on his shoulder finally stopped on the trail. His suffering increased after one of the locks on the house that Mr. Jarwo brought disappeared.

"My legs are a nuisance. Please continue per street. I'll just rest here,” said Pak Jarwo while holding his cramped leg. Right at 01.00, the group reached the top of a mountain that has a height 2386 m/asl. There is a stop at the top, some are desperate to go down to the caldera to see the blue fire (blue Fire). It is said that there are only two blue fires in the world, one of them in Indonesia, namely ka wah Ijen.

The beauty of Mount Ijen's blue fire is truly exotic. "I dare not come down. The terrain is quite heavy. What else at night?, afraid of slipping. It's enough to see the crater from here,"said Head of Satintelkam AKP Sofyan who stood near the sign prohibiting entry to the Caldera area. Only a few people get down to sulfur mining. They are Kapolres Nanang, drug addict, you satreskrim, kasatsabhara, ice police medical officer, and Babinkamtibmas Polsek Licin.

In that place, the police chief took photographs with a background of sulfur miners and blue fire. “Ijen is amazing. If you can say, Ijen is proof of the greatness of Allah SWT, hard work, and necessities of life,” said Nanang who admitted that this was the first time he had visited the Ijen crater. Evidence of God's greatness, because it is impossible for humans to create such a spectacular beauty of Ijen.

Hard work, Nanang continued, meaning it takes a hard struggle to get to the top. Another necessity of life, because the Ijen crater is an economic source for sulfur miners. “Look at the miners, with a heavy burden on the dak, they go up and down transporting sulfur for the necessities of life,said Nana. The group that did not dare to get closer to the crater could only relax on top while setting off fireworks.

This time a loud burst of fireworks lit up the scene over the caldera. His voice also echoed through the walls of the crater. “I'm relieved to get to the top at night. This is my first experience while serving in Banyuwangi,'' said Deputy Chief of Police Kompol Agus Widodo. O'clock 01.30, the group decided to return to Paltuding.

On the way down, we started to pass by tourists. There are foreign tourists from Malaysia, Hongkong, and Australia. There are also many local tourists. They travel at night in hopes of witnessing the blue fire. Understood, the bluish light from the pile of sulfur can only be seen at night. Arrive at Paltuding, the total number of Polres groups 20 person, safe everyone.

A padlock belonging to Kompol Sujarwo that was missing was found on the seat of the Bunder Post. Tired face turned into happy. In the midst of exhaustion taking the road on foot, group of san tap sahur with a menu of grilled fish and tempong rice. Exactly 03.30, the group left Paltuding and returned to their respective homes. "Next time, we will conquer the peak of Ijen again. We are still curious that we haven't been able to go down near the caldera,'' said Kasatlantas AKP Irawan Wicaksono. (radar)

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