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5 Polite Ways to Ask for Angpau During Eid, The key is in the number 4

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Eid is one of the moments that many people have been waiting for, especially by children. Apart from getting together with family, Long holidays and the tradition of giving red packets are also something to look forward to. However, in asking for forgiveness, Of course there are manners that must be observed. The following is 5 polite way to ask for angpau during Eid.

1. Give Greetings and Greetings

When you meet someone you want to ask for angpau, be sure to give greetings and congratulations first. By giving greetings and greetings, you show respect and appreciation to the people you meet. Besides that, the warmth and familiarity shown can make it easier for you to ask for angpau.

2. Ask News Beforehand

After greeting and congratulating, inquire first. Show that you care about the people you meet. Don't ask for angpau right away, because it is considered impolite and seems to only think about yourself.

3. Make Requests in Polite Language

When asking for angpau, make sure to use polite and friendly language. Don't be too direct and ask for angpau roughly. Show a sense of politeness by conveying your request with good and polite language.

4. Don't Demand and Expect Too Much

When asking for angpau, don't demand too much and expect too much. Remember that giving angpau is a form of kindness, not an obligation. Therefore, do not force or demand others to give large amounts of money.

4. Give Thanks and Prayers

After being given an angpa, don't forget to pass on your thanks and good wishes. Express your gratitude and express good wishes for the person who gave you angpau. Show politeness and appreciate the kindness given.

That's it 5 polite way to ask for angpau during Eid. By maintaining good manners and showing respect and appreciation for others, It is hoped that the Eid moment can be more fun and memorable. Hopefully this article is useful and happy Eid!