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Osing Quran Translation Book Surgery, Ipuk Regent remembers Kartini's story

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Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani attended a book review of the Osing Language Translation of the Qur'an released by KH Achmad Siddiq State Islamic University (SPECIAL UIN) di Hotel El Royal, Banyuwangi, Thursday (21/4/2022). Coincides with Kartini's Day, Remember that figure.

“This activity reminded me of the story of Kartini. He is a figure who has concern about the Koran, where when people study it, they really need to understand its meaning,” said Ipuk.

Kartini's anxiety, continued Ipuk, written in a letter to one of his friends, Stella EH Zeehandelaar dated 6 November 1899.

Kartini was worried because people were taught to read the Koran, but not fully taught its meaning. This is because at that time there were still minimal efforts to translate the Al-Quran into local languages.