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Obscenity of mentally retarded children, Man from Muncar Arrested by Police

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ROGOJAMPI – Abu Hasan, 49, Muncar Hamlet, Kedungrejo village, Muncar District, Banyuwangi Regency, must be willing to languish in the detention cell of the Rogojampi Police since Tuesday (23/5/2018) last week. He was arrested by the police for allegedly violating the SS, 17, Gladag Villager, Rogojampi Kecamatan District.

The Head of the Rogojampi Sector Police, Kompol Suharyono, through Kanitreskrim Ipda Abdul Rahman explained:, the arrest of the perpetrator was carried out in the vicinity of the victim's house in Gladag Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District. “We caught around the victim's house,” the light.

Abdul Rahman revealed, this case actually happened around mid-December 2017 ago. At that time, the perpetrator met the victim on the street and begged to come with him. The victim was willing and finally persuaded and taken to a hut in the rice fields of Powder Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District.

“At that time the perpetrator was driving. Then there is the intention to do (molestation) that's to the victim,” he said.

From inspection, The suspect confessed that he only molested the victim using his hands. He did not have intercourse and the victim first avoided. “He said it hasn't been digitized, already out,” the light.

From the statements of a number of witnesses and relatives of the victims,, It is known that the victim is a child with mental retardation.

Apart from securing the suspect, The police also confiscated a number of the victim's clothes as well as a Vario . motorcycle 125 black color nopol P 4622 ZQ. “We have confiscated a number of BBs,” clear.

Meanwhile, The suspect admitted that he had committed the act by mistake. He confirmed his family's condition is also fine. “I was wrong. Namanya khilaf. I also have a wife,” he said.