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Catch Abundant, Fishermen Muncar Happy

Fisherman with the fish he caught
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Fisherman with the fish he caught.

MUNCAR – The muncar fishermen are now starting to get excited. As the southwest season changes to the east season, fish caught at sea began to increase yesterday (30/10).

The fish are starting to come out of it, to get the fishermen back to work. These working fishermen are not the only ones using boats, the slerek ship also started pulling the anchor. “If the fortune is good, one night you can get four to six tons of fish,” said Gufron, 50, one of Muncar's fishermen.

Although catches began to increase, light him, but for this type of lemuru there are still not many. At the moment, The fish most caught by fishermen are sail types. “Lemuru fish still not out,” the light.

According to Gufron, if a month ago the catch of fishermen ranged from three to four tons, now it has increased to six tons. Even, the size of the fish which is usually one kilogram contains 40 tail, now only 30 tail. “Pretty big and can enter the factory,” Djufri said, other muncar fishermen.

This is a problem for fishermen, light him, capital problem. The skipper or owner of the ship, usually debt first with the bender (fish collectors). As a replacement, The fish caught are sold to the fish collectors. “if it's the east wind season, fishermen dare to go to sea and get into debt first,” he said.

Another Muncar fisherman, Mohammad Yadi, said that a month ago the fish caught were still in the range of three to four tons per voyage. But now fishermen who have large capital are starting to go to sea.

“If small fishermen only get one to two tons, hence the big fisherman (slerek ship) could be much more,” he said. (radar)

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