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Selling Trex Pills, Youth from Rogojampi Arrested by Police

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BANYUWANGI – A young man named Muhammad Irsam Aldues (21) Arrested by the Rogojampi Police Criminal Investigation Team. Residents of Pancoran Hamlet, Karangbendo Village, The Rogojampi subdistrict was caught red-handed selling pharmaceutical preparations in the form of the drug Trihexyphenidyl or what is commonly called trex pills.

Apart from securing the perpetrator, The police also succeeded in confiscating evidence (BB) in the form of 32 Trex pills and cash Rp 545 thousand. “Currently we have detained the perpetrator and BB at the Sector Police Headquarters,” said Rogojampi Police Chief Commissioner Suharyono, Thursday (4/10/2018) morning.

Police Commissioner Suharyono added, The police arrested the perpetrator, whose entire body was covered in tattoos, on Wednesday night (3/10/2018) around 21.30 WIB.

“Our perpetrator was arrested after making a transaction with the buyer at a house in Pancoran Hamlet, Karangbendo Village,” clear.

This is the story of Kompol Suharyono, who was previously the head of operations at the Situbondo Police, originally on Wednesday (3/10/2018) around 20.00 WIB, his party received reports from the public that in a house in Pancoran Karangbendo Hamlet, often used as a place for Trex pill transactions.

“We sent members to investigate. Then it's exactly the time 21.30 WIB, we carried out a raid,” he explained.

During the raid, there is 2 young man caught red-handed. Namely Muhammad Mas Bobby and Muhammad Irsam Aldues. While being searched, found 32 Trex pills from Muh's right front trouser pocket. Mas Bobby. His confession, 32 The Trex pills belonged to him as a result of buying them from Muh Irsam Aldues, who was immediately searched and found cash of Rp 545 thousand.

“So interrogated, Muh Irsam Aldues admitted that the money was the result of selling Trex pills,” he explained.

For his actions in deliberately distributing pharmaceutical preparations without having a distribution permit or not meeting safety standards/requirements, efficacy/benefits, and quality, then Muh Irsam Aldues was charged with an article 197 Sub 196 UU RI No 36 Year 2009 about health.