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Ketapang Harbor Lunar Holiday

KALIPURO – Chinese New Year holidays which are adjacent to weekend holidays, does not seem to have an impact on increasing activity at the Ketapang-Gilimanuk crossing port. In the last three days, the atmosphere of the port looks quiet and there is no increase in activity.

In these three days, weather conditions at the Ketapang-Gilimanuk crossing are quite friendly. Nevertheless, there is no surge in passengers going on holiday to Bali. Operational Manager of PT. Indonesia Ferry (Persero) ASDP Ketapang, Ardhi Ekapati said, it is not only the Ketapang–Gilimanuk Port that has experienced the same thing.

Other ports such as Merak-Bakauheni are also experiencing the same thing, namely there are no long traffic jams during this year's Chinese New Year long weekend. “The port has been quiet since last Friday. Same as usual days, even though it's a long weekend,” cut the Land.

He insisted, unfriendly weather conditions may be the trigger why tourists are currently reluctant to vacation in Bali and vice versa. The prediction on last Saturday night that there would be an increase in the number of vehicles did not happen. Be it motorcycles, four-wheeled vehicles and tourism buses also did not experience a significant increase.

“Only tourist buses, but only a few numbers crossed. Almost all ports in Indonesia are experiencing the same thing,said Ardis. Although there is no spike in passengers, related to the unfriendly weather, he still appealed to passengers to be extra careful.

Avoid rain that occurs during the afternoon or evening, he asked passengers using cruise services to leave only in the morning or during the day. "It's better to go early to avoid unfriendly weather," he concluded.

As previously reported, to provide a sense of security during Chinese New Year, Security at the Ketapang Port has been tightened. Tanjung Wangi Regional Police (KPT) placing personnel at the entrance and exit of the crossing that connects Java-Bali.

Head of Police KPT, AKP Sudarmaji said, inspection of vehicles and passengers' luggage will be carried out. There is no operation day without a raid (THTR) will be held at the entrance and exit of ASDP Port and LCM Ketapang Port. The target is drugs, sharp weapons or firearms, explosives, and liquor.

“Inspection was carried out continuously during 24 jam. Vehicles crossing or leaving Bali are a priority for inspection without exception,” he said. (radar)

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