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Accused of misappropriating village funds, This Village Head in Banyuwangi Calls Residents Who Report Stress to the Prosecutor's Office

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The village head in Banyuwangi was reported to have diverted village funds from the Attorney General's Office (Photo: Suaraindonesia) – A number of residents of Karangsari Village, Sempu Kecamatan District, Banyuwangi Regency reported its village head regarding allegations of misappropriation of Village Funds (DD) to the State Attorney (Prosecutor) local.

Allegedly the budget that was misappropriated was around Rp 150 million which is the operational budget for the establishment of Pertamina Desa (Pertades). Another case, The village head was also reported regarding the results of logging as much as 91 trees on village treasury land.

Resident representative Sugiarto said, Allegations of corruption have been reported on 12 January 2022 then. Even on Wednesday (26/1/2022) yesterday, his party returned to the Banyuwangi Prosecutor's Office, to question the extent of follow-up to the report.

According to Sugiarto, budget allocation for the opening of the Pertamina Desa business (Pertades) it is Rp 150 million and has been given to BUMDes Karangsari sourced from the local Village Fund.

The allocation has been budgeted in 2021. But up to the start 2022, the Pertades development plan in Karangsari Village has never been realized, only limited to land preparation activities at the end of the year 2020.

In this case, still Sugiharto, using productive agricultural land in urug not more than 100 dirt truck, without going through the regulatory process of land use change and to this day it is abandoned in overgrown weeds.

“So the Village Fund is allocated for the Pertamina Desa development plan, so far no follow up,” said Sugiarto.

Respond to residents' reports, Kades Budiono spoke up. It doesn't matter if it's reported by its own citizens. Even he considered the reporter stressed.

“Just let him stick out like that, he's right to say. But say that if it doesn't match the facts, that will be punished by God, it will be punished by itself. Let it be, it's a stress child,” he said, as quoted from, media network.

according to her, the reporting carried out by the residents was carried away by feelings of the Pilkades impact. “That child departed from revenge, because this candidate cannot be followed,” said Budiono asserted.

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