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Chronology 2 Silat Colleges Engage in Clashes Again After A Peace Agreement Is Reached

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From the examination found seven stab wounds all over his body.

From the results of an external autopsy, The deceased is thought to have died due to heavy blood loss.

“The wound was so severe that the victim was bleeding profusely,” he said.

Sugiyo says, victim suffered seven injuries, including the neck, right armpit, two right feet, and three wounds on the right hand.

“In terms of size, the one under the arm looks the biggest,” he said.

The riots between the two schools of pencak silat started at around 02.30.

At that time, Hundreds of residents who are suspected members of PSHT came to the house of the Chairman of Pagar Nusa Sukorejo Branch, 42 year, M. Khozin.