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Warriors of the Knights Universe Gather to Discuss Brotherhood

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Forpimka Cluring Holds Gathering With A Number of Pencak Silat Universities Joined in the Knights Universe Located in the Hall of Cluring District Banyuwangi, Attended by Camat Cluring, Cluring Police Chief and His Staff, Wednesday (16/3/2022). Jaenudin/

District Leadership Forum (Forpimka) Cluring brings together a number of pencak silat universities that are members of the “Jagad Kesatrian”.

The universities that were brought together included the Faithful Heart Brotherhood of Terate (PSHT), Winongo Loyal Heart Brotherhood College (PSHW), Indonesian Men's Silat Family Association (IKSPI), Brotherhood of Single Sense (one), Nusa Fence, Bayu said, ASAD, white dove, and the Holy Footprint.

Located in the Cluring District Hall, “Jagat Kesatrian” meet to create a conducive Banyuwangi after the tension in Sukorejo Village, Bangorejo District, Banyuwangi Regency, Thursday (10/3/2022) early days.

Head of Cluring Sub-district Henry Suhartono conveyed, This meeting with the fighters in Cluring District is for friendship in order to gather input.

“This gathering between fighters is in the hope of creating brotherly relations between pencak silat warriors,” hope Henry Suhartono.

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