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Srono Police Failed the Delivery of Fake Fertilizer


SRONO – Members of the Srono Sector Police succeeded in uncovering the alleged counterfeiting of fertilizers Thursday (9/6). A pickup truck with license plate number S 9093 HG that transports 89 the suspected fake fertilizer bag at around 12.30 arrested by the police in Sumberagung hamlet, Rejoagung Village, Srono . District.

For inspection purposes, pickup trucks and transported fertilizers are taken to the police station. Pickup driver, Humaidi, 45, from Sumber Gede Village, Kepuh Baru District, Bojonegoro Regency, also brought. "We've secured everything at the police station.","explained the Srono Police Chief, AKP Ali Masduki, through the Criminal Investigation Department, Ipda Sutarkam.

According to Sutarkam, when the officer came to the location, Humaidi is unloading Mutiara brand NPK fertilizer to a resident's house in Rejoagung Village, Srono . District. "We have received many reports from residents that the fertilizer purchased from the perpetrators did not produce any results," he said.

From the residents' reports, it's clear, They immediately launched an investigation. Result, Mutiara brand fertilizer which is circulated in the Banyuwangi area is sold cheaply. The price of fertilizer is only Rp 200 thousand per bag. even though, The original pearl fertilizer costs up to Rp 400 thousand per bag.

While selling fertilizer to farmers, light him, The perpetrator admitted that his fertilizer was equivalent to Yaramila's product. "Many farmers are deceived, and the fertilizer that is circulated is of much different quality from the original," he explained.

Based on the label written on the bag, he still said, The secured fertilizer was produced by CV Tabah Sejati with distributor PT Nico Mandiri Sejahtera. strange, on the packaging of the bag is written permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and SNI standards. Allegedly, the fertilizers have been faked from the factory's production.

"While we apply article 60 verse 1 USA No 12 year 1992 about crop cultivation system, punishable by five years in prison,he explained. The result of the raid, police secure evidence (BB) including one unit of black Mitsubishi pickup S 9093 HG and 89 Thing. Per sack contains 50 kilogram. (radar)

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