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Elementary School Boys Turned By Three Teenagers

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Victim is High after being Forced with Alcohol and Trex Pills

CLURlNG – These three groups of teenagers are really overjoyed. They rape, FA, elementary school student who is still old 12 year by scrolling beside the Dusun Krajan bridge, Sraten Village, Cluring District.

Of the three perpetrators, One of them was caught by the police. The perpetrator who was caught by the police had the initials, BORN, 16, Middle school students from Sraten Village, Cluring District. While the two perpetrators who managed to escape, initials MP, 16, Middle school students from Benculuk Village, Cluring District, and FZ, 21, residents of Dusun Krajan, Sraten Village.

“We are still investigating the perpetrators at the police station,” said Police Chief Cluring, Iptu Bedjo Madreas via Kanitreskrim, Ipda Hariyanto. According to the kanitreskrim, alleged rape by the three perpetrators by scrolling, it happened on thursday night (29/6). And the next day, the victim's parents who live in Sraten Village, report to the police.

“From that report, we move right away,” he said. Alleged rape with the victim of the elementary school boy, light him, starts around 19.00, victim by FZ, BORN, and MP is invited to drink liquor (you look) a type of Balinese wine mixed with Big Cola on the bridge behind the FZ house.

Besides them, actually there are still two people who join the alcohol party, i.e. NT, 22, and FR, 14, both residents of Sraten Village. “NT is a girl and FR is a boy,” the light. Because of drinking too much alcohol, drunk victim. When drunk, FA by FZ was forced to take trihexyrphenidyl or trex pills to heavy swallowing.

“Too much drinking alcohol and Trex, drunk victim,” he said. Before the drinks run out, The victim who was already drunk was then molested by MP around the bridge by being kissed on the neck and held by her breasts. While the victim is drunk, still being given alcohol until unconscious.

“After the victim is unconscious, victim by FZ, BORN, and MP brought to FZ's house room,” he explained. In that room of FZ's house, The FA, which was unconscious, was worked on by the three perpetrators. In that house, victims until morning.

“NE and MP returned at midnight, at home FZ,” he said to Jawa Pos Radar Tile. On Friday morning (30/7), the victim who just woke up from drunkenness finally went home alone. Seeing the condition of the victim who was weak, made his parents suspicious and immediately interrogated.

“Because of being urged, victim tells all, and his parents immediately reported to the police,” the light. From that report, The police immediately moved by asking for the victim's information and checking for a post-mortem to the hospital.

"From the testimony of witnesses and the results of the post-mortem", shows the victim was molested,"Hariyanto said when he met him in his office at the Cluring Police Station yesterday (4/7). From that evidence, The police are looking for the three perpetrators.

But, honey, only NE was caught. While two friends, FZ and MP managed to escape and disappeared. “We enter the two perpetrators who fled the DPO (people search list),” he said.

At the police checking, NE admitted that while in FZ's room he only kissed the victim's cheek and held her breast. It was done from 23.30 until 24.00. “NE admits that he keeps going home,” he said. (radar)

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