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Cruel! Grandpa 70 This year his relatives were dumped on the Red Island

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Rahmat's grandfather was found by residents in a public cemetery near Pulau Merah Beach, Sunday afternoon (29/10).

PESANGGARAN – An old man who claimed his name was Rahmat, found abandoned around a public cemetery near Pulau Merah Beach, Sumberagung Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Sunday (29/10).

When found it, grandfather who is thought to be old 70 Over the years, the condition has been pathetic. His condition looked unkempt and he was only wearing shorts. The poor grandfather's discovery, had attracted the attention of residents and Perhutani officers, Forpimka, and the Red Island Community Service. “Discovered by visitors to Pulau Merah,” said a member of the Red Pulo community group, Ali Mabrur.

At that time, light him, one of the visitors saw something suspicious around the public cemetery. After being approached, it turned out to be a human in tattered clothes. “The condition is pathetic, can communicate well,” he said.

To the citizens, light him, The grandfather admitted that he came from Cangaan Hamlet, Wetan Tile Village, Tile District. He arrived at Red Island accompanied by his relatives on a motorbike. “Transferred to Red Island at night,” he said.

After being found by the resident, The grandfather was immediately taken to the Pesanggaran Health Center for treatment. “First we took him to the police station, then sent to the Community Health Center,” he told Jawa Pos Radar Tile.

Pesanggaran Police Chief, AKP Sudarsono admitted that he had received a report regarding a grandfather who was allegedly dumped by his family on Red Island. But, they have not been able to confirm the veracity of the report. “We'll investigate,” he said.

grandfather who claimed his name was Rahmat, light him, often mentions the name Cangaan, Kulon Tile Village. He hopes that residents who recognize this figure will immediately provide information to the Sector Police. His party is coordinating with the Banyuwangi Social Service to handle this grandfather.”We will communicate with social services,” clear. (radar)