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Localization Grows Again

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Satpol PP Net 3 Prostitutes and Masher Men

BANYUWANGI – Since officially closed, all localizations of commercial sex workers (prostitute) in Banyuwangi as if lying down. Pimps and guest house owners do not dare to operate because they are afraid of dealing with law enforcement officials.

After being closed for so long, Quietly, a number of former local residents are starting to dare to open again. To provide a deterrent effect, Last Saturday night (21/11) Satpol PP is again combing a number of former local residents. Result, Satpol PP finally arrested three prostitutes and one philanderer.

They were caught in a raid in the former Padang Pasir localization, Rogojampi District. They must be willing to stay overnight in the Civil Service Police Unit's room (PP Satpol) because it was found operating in the former Padang Pasir locality. Not only that, “cover” The three prostitutes were almost certain to be exposed in front of their respective families.

Because, to provide a deterrent effect, officers return them to their respective homes. This time the raid was carried out by joint officers from 11 p.m 20.30 Saturday until 12:00 p.m 00.15 yesterday (22/11). Officers from the Satpol PP element, Banyuwangi Police, Kodim 0825, and the Banyuwangi Denpom Sub carried out searches in four former localizations, namely the former Desert Localization, Rogojampi Kecamatan District; former Sumberloh localization, Singojuruh District; former Bomo Waluyo Localization, Srono . District, and former Gempol Porong Localization, Cluring District.

Result, officers arrested three prostitutes and one philanderer in the former Padang Pasir localization. The three prostitutes each have the initials Ms, 38, residents of Songgon District, Banyuwangi; Rm, 38 from Bondowoso, and Ft, 33 from Situbondo.

Meanwhile, the philandering man who was caught in the raid was SR, 52, residents of Banyuwangi. After conducting a search in the former Padang Pasir localization, Joint officers moved to the former Sumber Loh localization. In the former largest prostitution location on Earth, Blambangan, officers did not find any prostitutes operating.

Next, officers combed the former Bomo Waluyo and Gempol Porong localities. The same as in the former Sumberloh Localization, Raids at the two former localizations yielded no catches. Interesting, after conducting searches in the former Bomo Waluyo and Gempol Porong localities, Joint forces again carried out raids at the former Sumberloh Localization. The results are the same, There are no prostitutes operating.

Section Chief (Kasi) Banyuwangi Satpol PP action, Ripai, said the raid was held to carry out the mandate of the Regional Regulation (Loss) Number 11 Soot 2014 about peace and public order.

It says, The three prostitutes and one promiscuous man were taken to the Satpol PP office to undergo data collection and guidance. Next, they are required to sign a statement not to repeat the act.

After that, to add to the deterrent effect, The four people caught in the raid were not immediately released. They were kept at the Satpol PP headquarters until yesterday morning. “This morning (yesterday) we return them to their respective districts and we return them to their families,” he said.

Ripai stressed, if in the future he is found to be practicing again or using prostitution services, then Sapol PP will take firm action. “If in the future do similar actions, so we took it to court, he concluded. (radar)

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