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Depraved! Uncle has the heart to fuck his own nephew

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BANYUWANGI – Typhoon Hidayat, a resident of Baru Village, was detained, North Moyo District, Sumbawa, NTB was arrested by the Cluring Sector Police, Tuesday (6/11/2018). old man 22 In that year, he was suspected of having committed immoral acts against KP (16) residents of Cluring District, Banyuwangi Regency.

IPTU Cluring Police Chief Bejo Madrias said, The incident began on Sunday (4/11/2018) when the perpetrator asked the victim to go to Banyuwangi to pick up packaged goods. After returning home, apparently in a quiet condition and no one at all.

“The victim then decided to fold his clothes. After finishing, the victim then intended to leave the house and go to a friend to study together. But it's time to go, the victim was prevented from leaving by the perpetrator who was still his uncle,” said the police chief.

Furthermore, the victim was forced into the room and then forced by the perpetrator to serve his lust. The victims were even threatened with death if they did not want to sleep with the perpetrators.

“sadly, after completing the immoral act the perpetrator did not necessarily apologize, instead gave money to the victim in the amount of Rp 9000 to shut up. After channeling lust, The perpetrator immediately left the victim without feeling guilty,” Bejo said.

After the incident, the victim immediately told her grandmother (HP). Got the news, her grandmother did not accept it and immediately reported it to the police.

“on the report, perpetrator (immoral acts) we caught it right away. The perpetrator is suspected of violating Article 76 D I pass 81 verse (1) and (2) UU RI No. 35 Year 2014 about Child Protection,” he concluded.