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Housewife Raped by Neighbors in the Middle of Rice Fields

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BANYUWANGI – A housewife (IRT) with the initials HT (28) residents of Licin District, Banyuwangi Regency, become a victim of rape.

Reporting from, the victim was raped in a hut in the middle of a rice field by Iswahyudi (28) who is none other than his neighbour. This man is now being detained by officers from the Glagah Police.

“On Sunday 10 May 2020, about o'clock 03.00 WIB we received a report of a woman. She reported having experienced an indecent act of being raped by someone,” explained the Banyuwangi Police Chief Kombespol Arman Asmara Syarifuddin through the Glagah Police Chief, AKP Imron, Monday (11/5/2020).

Imran said, the incident occurred at approx 00.30 WIB. At that time the victim returned from the city of Banyuwangi accompanied by a friend.

However, upon arrival at the crime scene, namely the rice field road in Glagah District, they were blocked by 2 man.

The victim and his friend were immediately threatened with a knife by one of the perpetrators. Looking this, the victim's friend is frightened. He also chose to run away. Temporary, helpless victim. He was then forced into a hut in the rice field area under the threat of the perpetrator.

“Then the two perpetrators who intercepted it, one of them, had intercourse with the victim by threatening him at the hut in the paddy field. Then something happened that should not have been done,” clear.

On the victim's report, Members of the Glagah Police, assisted by members of the Banyuwangi Police Resmob, immediately conducted an investigation. Until finally succeeded in securing the perpetrators around his house.

“At the moment, we are still hunting for one other perpetrator who is suspected of being the perpetrator who carried a sharp weapon and pointed at the victim,” Imran said.

Meanwhile, the article that was charged with the perpetrator, namely Article 285 Criminal Code with the threat of imprisonment above 5 year.

Now, Police are still hunting for another perpetrator. The perpetrator who has not been caught is suspected of being the perpetrator who carried a sharp weapon and pointed at the victim.

“Meanwhile, the evidence that we got besides the clothes worn by the victim, namely underwear and so on, then there was expert testimony in the form of visum et repertum and it was justified and strengthened that there had been an incident leading to an act of rape,” strictly.

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