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Wow! Still wearing school uniform, Perverted Teen Couple at RTH Singojuruh

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SINGOJURUH – Kids of today's age this one, his behavior could be considered outrageous. Teenagers who are still in school uniforms and hooded, enjoying making out with his partner during the holy month of Ramadan in the Green Park Room (RTH) Singojuruh, yesterday (28/5).

The couple looked so preoccupied that they didn't care about one of their friends beside them. “School kids hanging out here (RTH Singojuruh) very much indeed,” said Faisol, 35, local people.

Faisol mentioned that many school children now go too far. They dare to do obscenity in public places, in the holy month of Ramadan. “During the day doing sordid in the open,” he said.

In the old days, he continued, there is no such thing as dating. If courtship is not long and will be continued with marriage. “In my time there was no word dating, who are directly married,” he said.

Unlike today, New elementary and junior high school students are already familiar with dating. Because they are still small dating, finally fell into wrongdoing. “The rise of perpetrators of sexual abuse and dropping out of school because of this,” he said.

Other Citizens, Hamza, 39, admitted that he was very rishi with the behavior of students who did a lot of indecent things around RTH Singojuruh. “If it's like this, it's better not to make RTH, office building only,” he said.

Hamzah said that the actions of the teenage couple were not exemplary. Especially, they are still students and dressed in school uniforms. “This is tantamount to tarnishing the good name of the school, should be strictly enforced by the school,” he said.

This area in Singojuruh RTH, he continued, should be tightened. If you need to be given a door bar to get in and out. So that, during school hours or after school is not abused by students.

“Made like Gor Tawang Alun Banyuwangi, maybe it's better, so there is an exit and an entrance, so it's always monitored,” hope.

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