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The waves of the Muncar waters are not yet friendly

Dozens of fishermen knit torn nets
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Dozens of fishermen knit torn nets

MUNCAR – Waves in the waters of Muncar, apparently still not friends. Fishermen in the largest fish producing area in Indonesia, until yesterday (27/8) there are still many who throw anchor.

To fill that work holiday, fishermen repair nets in the harbor. “This month catches have decreased, The last job was only four tons,” said Syamsul Arifin, 60, fishermen from the village of Mejadrejo, Muncar District.

According to Shamsul, The decline in catches was also caused by large torn nets, wide so that the fish manages to escape through the gap in the tear. That net of his, long approx 400 meters with a catch capacity of up to 15 ton.

“If you're lucky, one throw of the net can get 15 tons of fish, but if the net is torn, yes, many escape,” he said.

The net is usually torn because it gets caught in the coral. For sewing, You have to be careful and painstaking because it is quite complicated. “To sew this net it sometimes takes three days,” explained Ahmad Dewa. 45, ship captain Sumber Rahmat. (radar)

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