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Interesting Beast Facts, Facebook CEO's Unique Furry Dog

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F. Reinaldo Nugraha

Tuesday, 21 November 2023 – 21:30 WIB


Beast, rare dog owned Mark Zuckerberg appears very often in his status. Including, when Zuck explains Meta's new AI capabilities, Emu (Expressive Media Universe).

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What's so special about it? dog of the Puli race? Puli itself is a Hungarian sheepdog breed (shepherd dog). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg maintains Beast, who has had very thick and curly fur since childhood. Because of its unique feathers, Beast is often referred to as “broom dog”.

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Beast has a friendly personality and likes to play. He is often seen playing with Zuckerberg and his family. Zuckerberg also often shares photos and videos of Beast on social media .Beast became famous after Zuckerberg brought him into the meeting room during WhatsApp acquisition negotiations in 2018 2014.

For details, see the infographic