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Depraved, Elementary School V Grade Boy Raped by Own Uncle

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PURWOHARJO – Ponirin's behavior, 59, residents of Ngadimulyo Hamlet, Bulurejo Village, Purwoharjo District, Banyuwangi, This is outrageous. The middle-aged man was arrested by the police because he was suspected of molesting Denok (pseudonym), 11, one of his nephews is still in fifth grade at elementary school.

To take responsibility for his actions, Ponirin, who has been named a suspect, must temporarily stay in the detention room at the police station while undergoing examination. "We are still investigating the suspect,” said Pesanggaran Police Chief AKP Ali Ashari.

The suspect's inappropriate actions were revealed on Saturday (11/6). Saat itu YN, 17, the victim's older brother, suspicious of his younger brother who hasn't woken up yet. even though, usually every hour 05.30 already up. “Almost an hour 06.00 not awake yet,He said.

Feeling uncomfortable, YN walked to her sister's room to wake her up. When going into the room, The girl was shocked to see her little sister still sleeping naked. Beside him was the suspect who was also naked.

“The victim and the suspect were still in the room," he said. Seeing that unnatural thing, YN immediately complained to his biological mother who was in the Indonesian labor shelter (TKI) melalui hand phone (HP). Next, The victim's mother reported it to the police.

“The victim lives with his grandmother,"explained the police chief. Based on the report of the victim's mother, The police immediately arrested the suspect at his house in Ngadimulyo Hamlet, Bulurejo Village. The suspect, who already has grandchildren, was immediately thrown into the police station detention room.

“This suspect still has a wife," he said. To police investigators, The suspect admitted that he had committed this act more than twice. The act was carried out at the victim's grandmother's house not far from his house.

“The method is that the victim is lured with money starting from IDR 5.000 up to Rp 50 thousand," he said. In dealing with the matter, The police have secured evidence (BB) in the form of clothes and underwear belonging to the victim and suspect.

"We are still waiting for the results of the victim's post-mortem at Bhakti Mulia RSU (MMC) Muncar," he explained. For his actions, the police charged the grandfather with Article 81 Child custody laws (PA) with the threat of a minimum prison sentence 5 years and max 15 years in prison.

So that the act does not happen again, The police chief appealed to parents to increase vigilance towards their sons and daughters. All this is in order to suppress sexual crimes and violence against women and children.

"We ask residents to quickly report to the local village government and Babinkamtibmas if they find sexual crimes and violence,he said.(radar)

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