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Khanzab Film Shows Before Eid, Inspired by the Story of the Massacre of Witchcraft Shamans in Banyuwangi

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tvOnenews.comFilm Khanzab broadcast before Eid, the film was inspired by the story of the massacre of shamans witchcraft from Banyuwangi.

Director Film Khanzab Anggy Umbara admits that he wants to give a gripping and frightening horror film.

This film was inspired by the story of the massacre of witchcraft shamans in Banyuwangi in 1998 then.

“What we want to present here is both gripping and frightening entertainment, but still photographing a number of close social and personal issues is also important to raise,” said Anggy quoted on Saturday (4/3/2023).

Departing from the short film titled "Makmum”, The film Khanzab will be shown ahead of Eid on 20 April 2023 coming.

This was shown from the official poster released on Thursday (2/3/2023). The poster is dominated by white and gray, which shows a woman wearing a white mukena being terrorized by khanzab.

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“Anyone who prays must have felt a disturbance that made the prayer not solemn. Is it just a feeling or is it up to that appearance that we show in the Khanzab film,” clear.