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Lyrics of the song Janji Setia – Tiara Andini

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Photo : Tiara Andini's Faithful Promise/Screenshot Results/Youtube

Tiara Andini is a newcomer artist or singer from the city of Jember, East Java.

The song "Janji Setia" was composed by Asta Andoko, Ramadhan Handy and Tiara Andini who have usually appeared on FYP tik tok. The song is now much loved by young people.

The meaning of the lyrics of the song Janji Setia, tells about longing for his lover and asks to promise to be faithful to guard the heart not to move to another heart.

The lyrics to the song Janji Setia, sung by Tiara Andini, are increasingly viral on TikTok. The song is widely used by TikTok users as the background sound for their content.

Want to know the lyrics of the song Janji Setia along with the details :

Now I understand, all this happened
It's undeniable, only you i have
The earth is silent, you will not be alone
I'm here waiting for you to come back

If only I could
Hold your hand
There will be no words of longing
In my heart

Do you know how much I am
Missing your presence is here?
Trust me, love
Distance and time cannot erase

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