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How to Get a Pre-Employment Card and the Latest Terms

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How to Get a Pre-Employment Card – The Pre-Employment Card program promoted by the Indonesian government aims to boost the economy after going through the pandemic. The goal is not just to provide assistance with job training materials.

However, it is hoped that it will also bring long-term effects which can help increase community skills. The pre-employment card batch is still being updated and is open to anyone who hasn't gotten it yet.

Quoted from the official website of the Pre-Employment Card website, this program will continue until the end 2024 later. After the announcement of the selection, in each batch, information will be provided regarding whether you have passed or not to take part in the Pre-Employment Card program.

For those of you who are taking part in a wave for the first time and haven't been given a chance to qualify, don't worry. Because you still get a chance to pass in the next wave. There are also benefits that you can receive after passing the pre-employment card selection.

Starting from receiving a training fund worth 1 million rupiah to take part in a training program on a digital platform. Then receive an incentive fund of Rp 600.000 During 4 month and an additional survey incentive fund of IDR 150,000 which is given in stages.

Lantas, how to process or how to get a Pre-Employment Card? What are the requirements needed to take part in this selection? For those of you who can't wait, you can immediately check the following explanation.

How to Get the Latest Pre-Employment Card 2022