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Extreme Weather, Fishermen Refuse to Sail

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Photo: Mediaindonesia

BANYUWANGI – A number of fishermen in Banyuwangi are reluctant to go out to sea for the next week because they are worried about the strong winds and extreme weather that the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency has warned them about. (BMKG) local.

The impact of the extreme weather warning made two places in Banyuwangi, like Grajagan and Pancer beaches no one goes to sea.

“In that region (Grajagan and Pancer) there are no fishermen working to find fish,” said the Head of TPI Muncar District, Abidin as reported by Mediaindonesiacom, Tuesday (7/1/2020).

Abidin said, even so there are some fishermen in Banyuwangi who are still desperate to find fish in the sea. However, these fishermen did not dare to go to the center, especially in the waters of South Banyuwangi.

“In the Bali Strait there are still some fishermen looking for fish, if they go to the center they still don't dare,” he said.

One of the fishermen from Kedungrejo Village, Muncar District, krishna (30) disclose, although there is information from the East Java BMKG, related to extreme weather, but the fishermen in their place are still determined to go to sea to find fish.

According to Krishna, those who go to sea are only some fishermen, like a small boat, which usually seek, lobsters and crabs. As for large boats, only a few go to sea 10 until 15 boat only.

“For small boats like fishermen looking for crabs and lobsters, many went to sea, but yes only on the edges. For big boat fishermen not much,” he said.

Meanwhile for fish prices, said Krishna, is still fairly stable. Because some time ago, many local fishermen who get a lot of fish, this makes the need is still sufficient, both for the community and fish canning companies.

“For the price of fish such as lemuru now, it is still normal, Rp 20 thousand to Rp 25 thousand per kilogram but on New Year's Eve yesterday it went up to Rp 35 thousand,” he said.

Known, based on information from the East Java BMKG in the waters south of Banyuwangi, extreme weather will occur in this period 4 -10 January 2020. For this reason, the public is advised to remain vigilant and careful about the impact that can be caused by extreme weather.