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House Fire in Rogojampi, 1 Dead People

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BANYUWANGI – Another fire disaster occurred in Banyuwangi Regency. This time, Aisyah's house in Dusun Maduran, Rogojampi Desa Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District, devoured by the red rooster, Tuesday (19/3/2019).

The fire broke out at 17.45 WIB. In addition to devouring almost the entire building and the contents of the house, this great fire resulted in the beautiful Tasya (14), the house owner's son was roasted.

Rogojampi Police Chief, AKP Agung Setyo Budi explained, from the testimony of a number of witnesses, The fire started when the owner of the house moved the fuel through the hose from the jerry can to the bottle.

Accidentally the fuel that has been transferred to the bottle spilled. And nearby is an oil lamp or lantern. Then in a moment, fuel spill ignited, and a great fire is unavoidable.

“The owner of this house opened a design shop (grocery store),"said the AKP Chief of Police, Agung Setyo Budi.

Watching the fire grow, Aisyah and two other people panicked and ran to save themselves . The amount of combustible material makes the fire spread faster. Nahas, At the time of the incident, Tasya was in the room. It is suspected that he was caught in the flames of the red rooster.

“Female death victim, at that time was in the bedroom,” he said

Apart from one fatality, This fire also caused material losses of around Rp 50 million. This case is currently being handled by the Rogojampi Sector Police.