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Tile Main Market, The Poorly Maintained BWI Economic Center

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PASAR Main Genteng is one of the oldest markets in the South Banyuwangi area. Before it was built in 1992, market located in Genteng Kulon Village, Genteng District is already busy and has become the center of the residents' economy.

Nobody knows for sure, when was the Tile Main Market established?. It is just, in the year 1965 The market is located in the center of Genteng City, that's a lot.

It's not just residents in the Genteng District area who come to sell or buy various necessities. Residents from outside the area from Kalibaru District to Banyuwangi City, many came.

Genteng Main Market located in Genteng Kulon Village, Genteng District, the location is quite strategic. The area is a meeting point for traders and buyers from the western region, timur, north, and south.

“Genteng main market is almost never empty,” explained the Chairman of the Genteng Kulon Village BPD, Rudy H. Latif.

According to Rudi, Genteng Main Market is known as the center for kitchen spices and vegetables in Banyuwangi Regency. Traders from various areas in Gandrung City, Many people shop at this Genteng market.

“There are traders at the Banyuwangi Main Market who shop at the Genteng Main Market,” he said.

Rudi admitted that he didn't know for sure when the market in his village started to exist. It is just, from his parents' story, the market existed before Indonesia became independent. Genteng Main Market was once a very busy traditional market.

“Formerly Rogojampi market, perfect, Gendoh doesn't exist yet, all shopping at Genteng Market,” he said.

Tile Main Market with two floors, in the year 1992 totally built. After construction, management is divided into two. Market on the second floor, management is carried out by the Banyuwangi Regency Government. The ground floor is managed by PT Graha Niaga Jayatama which is based in Surabaya.

“When it was just built, it was busy and there were lots of traders, all shops are full,” said Nasir, 59, one of the PT Graha Niaga Jayatama representatives on duty at Genteng Market.

Nasir said that Genteng Market used to be very busy and was the center of the economy. Even, The center for secondary crops in Banyuwangi Regency is at Genteng Market. “That's huge potential, on 1992 The market was renovated with modernized buildings,” he said.

In its heyday, Genteng Main Market, light him, not only serving kitchen and clothing needs. But there is also a bicycle traders' union (PDS). “PDS used to be behind the market, but then it broke,” the light.

During market construction 1992, Community expectations are quite high. Even, before the construction was completed on 1994, All stalls and shops, both at the ground level and second level, have been ordered by traders. “There are a lot of people who want to occupy it,” he said.

In accordance with existing contracts, light him, the management of the market by PT Graha Niaga Jayatama for the time being 25 year, or ending in the year 2018 this. For further, will be handed over to the Banyuwangi Regency Government. “This year's contract expires,” the light.

The popularity and bustle of this market apparently did not last long. Entering the year 2004, market conditions are starting to quiet down. This is in line with the establishment of many markets and shopping centers. “Now the market is everywhere, that's what makes this market so quiet,” he said.

One way to restore the Tile Main Market, that's with innovation that can ensure visitors are interested in coming. “There needs to be a breakthrough so that traders can come again, like PDS,” he said.