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The Price of Ancient Onthel Bicycles Soars

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TEGALDLIMO – Old-fashioned ontel bicycle enthusiasts are mushrooming. These simple bicycle lovers are not only from the elderly, Many young people also like and hunt for private collections.

“At home, I keep dozens of old-fashioned ontel bicycles for years 1930. I used to buy in the villages,” said one of Tentrem's ancient ontel bicycle collectors, 60, residents of Kaliwungu Hamlet, Kedungwungu village, Tegaldlimo . District, Banyuwangi Regency.

The father of five children said, Old school items besides being considered outdated, also assessed by some people have no economic value. But in his eyes, Ontel bikes have quite high historical value. Because in ancient times, Ontel bicycles are only owned by the nobility and certain circles.

The presence of ontel bicycles in the midst of the hustle and bustle of sophisticated goods, light him, it is enough to provide its own color and aesthetic value. Most of the ontel bicycles are in his collection, it was worn out with worn paint and rust.

To make it look like new, His onthel bicycle is cleaned every day using a clean cloth. Besides that, every once a week the surface of the bicycle body is smeared with polish to make it look more shiny.

"If it's painted, it's less attractive, the buyer asked for the original one,” explained the grandfather of seven grandchildren who also sells old bicycles.

For the price of the onthel bike, it varies, depending on type, type, and year of manufacture. Specifically for the batavus brand, it is sold at Rp 2,5 million, while the royal and phoenix brands are sold from Rp 1 also up to Rp 1,5 million per unit. “Every day there are always people looking for them by coming here,he explained

Onthel bicycle enthusiasts are diverse, start Civil Servants (civil servant), guru, politician, academy, security forces, self-employed, to unemployment. Onthel bike, it's one of the environmentally friendly vehicles and provides benefits such as being able to maintain health. "Fucking is healthy, no pollution and environmental friendly,"he said.

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