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Surongganti Tomb began many pilgrims

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ROGOJAMPI-Ahead of Ramadan fasting, Surongganti tomb, in Dusun Lateng, Gladag Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District, began to be visited by pilgrims. They are not only residents of the Banyuwangi Regency area, but also a lot from outside.

Almost every day, The tomb of Surongganti's great-grandfather was visited by pilgrims. They are, came from several cities in East Java such as Jember, Lumajang, and Kediri. "If Shuro" (Muharram) many more,"said Samsi, 63, local people. According to Samsi, Surongganti's great-grandfather is a phenomenal figure, and famous for his magic.

During the colonial period, the most wanted figure by the Dutch VOC invaders. "The photo of Surongganti's great-grandmother by the Dutch was once distributed to be hunted","explained the head of the village of Gladag, Chaidir Sidqi. About when Surongganti's grandfather died, no one knows exactly.

But, his descendants still exist and live in Dusun Lateng, Gladag Village. “Surongganti's great-grandsons are still around the tomb," he explained. At the grave of Surongganti's great-grandfather, there is a Cambodian tree plant that has a caruk branch (beretemu) and merge.

Cambodian plants made of tombstones in the north and south, meet each other and connect. “From then until now, the tree stays that way and doesn't grow big,He said. By some residents, it's clear, the tomb is sacred. Especially, since there are residents who died since cutting the branches of the Cambodian tree.

"Every citizen will have a celebration", many came to the tomb to pray," he explained. Surongganti's great-grandmother's grave, in the Gladag . Village public cemetery. the tomb, no different from graves in general. In that tomb, also there is no caretaker like other sacred tombs.

Every Suro and before Ramadan, The tomb is crowded with residents. Every time there is a political agenda such as village head elections, DPR, regent election, governor, and president, The tomb is visited by many. “A lot of parking on the side of the road, and no fees are charged," he said. (radar)

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