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The Minister of Communication and Informatics Attends the Commemoration of the 90th National Broadcasting Day in Bintan Regency

Minister of Communication and Informatics Budi Arie Setiadi. Photo: Screenshot/ – Minister of Communication and Informatics (Minister of Communication and Information) Budi Arie Setiadi attended the 90th National Broadcasting Day Commemoration Peak event in Bintan Regency, Saturday (12/08/23).

On that occasion, The Minister of Communication and Information invited television broadcasting institutions in border areas to present Indonesian cultural content so that neighboring countries would know.

"Broadcasts in Indonesia, especially in border areas, are required to reflect cultural broadcasts so that other countries can know the cultural diversity that Indonesia has.," he said.

In the event, one of the themes is presenting this cultured broadcast, Budi Arie explained, Cultured broadcasts are broadcasts that uphold diversity, tribal values ​​and Indonesian culture.

"This is reflected in the exploration of various local customs and wisdom that are spread across Indonesia," he said.

Ending his speech, Budi Arie hopes that the broadcasting industry can explore various cultures in Indonesia to present them in the form of interesting content to viewers..

In line with the Minister of Communication and Information, Chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) The Ubaidillah Center said, broadcasting needs to take a locality approach and accommodate national diversity.

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