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Divorced Parents, The Economy is a Mess

STILL CHILDREN: JP and AH at Purwoharjo Police Headquarters.
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STILL CHILDREN: JP and AH at Purwoharjo Police Headquarters.

The action of two children breaking into the Sumber Rezeki Gold Shop, Teak Bulk Market, Grajagan village, Purwoharjo District is causing a stir among residents. After tracing, The two boys' parents turned out to be equally problematic.
-ALI NURFATONI, Purwoharjo-

LACK of parental love can trigger problems for children. The family's lack of attention towards the child, it can also have very fatal consequences. When it is left, The child can act beyond normal limits. Even, they are reckless in carrying out actions that harm other people. In the end, you have to deal with law enforcement officials.

There are various reasons why children can do reckless things that exceed the attitudes of adults. Of course, parents are the first people who have to care, treat, and supervise children. However, what is the power of the parents' problems that are not in control?, makes the child naughty. As experienced by JP,9, from Purwosari Hamlet, Buluangung village, Siliragung District; and AH, 14, from Grajagan Village, Purwoharjo District.

The two children were arrested by the police for stealing jewelry from a gold shop. Both of them were officially named suspects in the case of burglary of Sugiyanto's gold shop, 45, residents of Dam Buntung Hamlet, Kedungasri Village, Purwoharjo District several weeks ago. While in the holding cell at the local police headquarters, there is almost no difference between him and other children his age. Precisely, The two boys often seemed to joke around in the free room. They also prance around while playing war games. The two of them didn't seem to care where they were staying.

Yes, Since childhood, these two children have had to live a difficult life. Economic pressures and family problems, making them have to live full of limitations. The love they receive, not the same as capable people. Even, they often move because they follow their parents.

As experienced by AH. Since elementary school, The eldest of four siblings changed schools twice. First, his parents sent him to school in Bali. Because, His biological father, I Ketut Kerta, is from the Island of the Gods. After two years, he had to move school to his mother's house. ''I am in second grade D and moved from Bali to this elementary school (Banyuwangi, Red),said A.H.

AH narrates, Since then his parents have both worked in Sumatra. Practical, After his parents died, he had to live with his grandmother. The irony, during the elementary school years, his parents divorced. ''I'm in sixth grade, My parents are separated. Now my father says he has another wife. If mother is at home,'' He said.

Nah, entered junior high school, His grandmother took the initiative to put him in an orphanage in the village. It's done, because all needs are covered by the orphanage. ''Start eating, and all school fees are borne by the orphanage. If you have a snack, don't,said the Emiwati child.

So far, AH admitted that he had often had dealings with teachers because of cases of extortion by fellow students at school. But, The act of blackmailing another student was carried out deliberately because he did not have pocket money. But, Asking a friend for money is done because he was promised that he would give it.

''My friend always promises to give me money. He said tomorrow I will be given money. But just a promise,'' He said. Regarding the jewelry theft case that happened this time, The eighth grade junior high school student admitted that he was very sorry. Because, The criminal act carried out with JP was beyond prediction. Besides that, The idea to steal came from chatting with friends at the orphanage.

''Just got a story from a friend, he said it's easy to steal gold. I'm also confused about where to sell the gold,'' He said. even so, he admitted that he was very sorry for his actions. Especially, in these few days, he remembered his parents while in the cell. ''Yes, I'm sorry. I do not know, whether my parents don't understand this case or not,'' He said.

Meanwhile, JP, recorded as a child who also lost love. Parental supervision of the child who has three siblings is also minimal. Because, when he was still a toddler his biological mother was not normal in general. Because of that, When he was a toddler he had to be raised by his grandmother. “Starting small, I went with my grandmother,'' He said.

The age of entering elementary school, The skinny boy had to be willing to change schools. Because, economic constraints that force families to send themselves to cheap schools. ''My father works, I don't know where I work. At home I'm with my grandmother. My older sister is also in the orphanage,'' He said.

even so, The family has tried their best, so that the two children can be better so that they don't imitate their parents. But apparently, in his new place, they were still acting recklessly. That's because, supervision at his new place was also not too strict. So that, they can go out even in the middle of the night. ''There is no guardian, yes, you can go out,’’ concluded AH. (radar)

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