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Construction of Attaubah Warohmah Mosque in Songgon Village, Banyuwangi, Stopped by Satpol PP

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STOP: Satpol PP officers at the mosque building site in Songgonrejo Hamlet, Songgon Village, Songgon District, which is terminated. (

MEMONTUM.COM – Civil service police Unit (Satpol-PP) Banyuwangi stops construction of Attaubah Warohmah Mosque in Songgonrejo Hamlet, Songgon Village/District, Banyuwangi Regency, suspected of stealing the Village Cash Land (TKD) Songgon Village.

To get the TKD, the committee is suspected of falsifying the signature of one of the local community leaders for making a grant pledge. strange, establishment of a mosque on land belonging to the TKD of Songgon Village, without a village meeting (Musdes) and approval from the local village head. However, Head of the Village Consultative Body (BPD) Songgon, The houses, It is suspected that he dared to sign the grant pledge letter.

Seeing the irregularities in the construction of the mosque and allegedly not having a building permit (IMB), Songgon District Head, Hardiono, at the date of 10 January 2022 send a letter to the mosque construction committee and urge the committee to submit an IMB and a permit for the use of TKD from the local government (local government).

Even in the letter, Hardiono gave 7×12 hours for the mosque committee to show the IMB and approval for the use of the TKD. If within the specified time, the committee could not show the evidence, then the construction of the mosque must be stopped.

Head of BPD Songgon Village, The houses, admitted that the construction of the Attaubah Warohmah Mosque was not procedural and without the Musdes. Even from the results of the committee's deliberation, It was revealed that a signature was forged by one of the committee members. And the sign forger admits and has made a statement letter

"The mosque construction committee meeting which was held at the hamlet head's house on Monday" (07/02/2022) night, It was revealed that the signature was forged. While the maker or that person, admit who forged the signature,Husen told, Tuesday (08/02/2022) morning.

Even, the forger's signature has made a stamped statement. “The person who forged the sign also made a statement and signed it on stamp duty,” he added.

Husen admits, if he signs the TKD grant agreement without any approval from the Songgon Village Government, so that the implementation of the construction of the mosque can be carried out immediately. “At that time, I was immediately asked for a waqf pledge, Yes, I'll just sign it," he said.

Husen further explained, the committee was very hasty in setting up the building. Because, without approval from the local government and no IMB, but immediately build a mosque.

"Results of deliberations", entirely rejecting the development of this mosque to proceed, because the process of establishing this mosque is not equipped with existing requirements. The committee is too nervous and the result is like this," he explained.

As a result of the discontinuation of the construction and has spent hundreds of millions of rupiah, committees and people who forge signatures of community leaders will be in trouble with the law.

Allegedly, the implementation of the construction of the mosque there was also the intervention of the village government at that time. Because, the person concerned verbally agreed when he held a position as an official in the Songgon District government. Concerned, agree orally. “At that time the person concerned agreed too. But not in writing, only verbally,"said one resident.

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