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Perdunu Banyuwangi Will Launch Book Study, Strengthen the Members' Supernatural Skills

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SUARAJATIMPOST.COM – Archipelago Shaman Association (The loss) Banyuwangi continues to race to improve the supernatural skills of its members. Latest in years 2022 Currently, Perdunu will launch a strategic program to study the Babon Book.

Chairman of Perdunu, Gus Abdul Fatah Hasan said the Babon Book is the main book which is the guide for Perdunu's subjects in carrying out activities.

“The book is a reference for members to carry out their activities as well as for people who are interested in learning wisdom or spiritual knowledge. The Baboon Book exists 6 volume, each volume contains 600 an halaman.” said Gus Fatah, Wednesday (9/2/2022).

Soon, The study of the book will begin soon. The implementation will be held in a number of Islamic boarding schools in Bumi Blambangan.

“In the near future before the month of Ramadan, it is planned to be held in a number of Islamic boarding schools,” he said.

Facing the many negative paradigms about the term dukun in society, Gus Fatah admitted that he was not too concerned. They said they would only focus, so that Perdunu can provide benefits to society.

According to him Perdunu is not a collection of shamans to harm other people. But Perdunu is here as a solution to help the community in dealing with invisible problems.

Members of Perdunu have various expertise. Some handle non-medical treatment, business seller, looking for a good day (nogo dino) and other treatments in accordance with the scientific field carried.

“Differences in the social life of society is natural. But the most important thing is that, we have faith that what we do is good, let's just walk. We also have references that what we do has references to the book and can be proven,” said Gus Fatah who is also the caretaker of the Al Huda Islamic Boarding School, Blimbingsari Tegalsari.

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