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Stubborn Open during Ramadan, Karaoke Fun Fun Raid by Satpol PP

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Banyuwangi Satpol PP officers raided the Fun Fun karoke place in Kabat District (Photo : Rizki Alfian/ TIMES Indonesia)

Banyuwangi Satpol PP raided nightlife venues, Karaoke Fun Fun in Banyuwangi which is still determined to operate in the holy month of Ramadan.

In that raid, The officers immediately dispersed the karaoke activity in the Kabat District and gave a warning to close it completely during Ramadan 1443 Hijri.

Interesting, the karaoke place that was raided belonged to Fafan, Chairman of the Banyuwangi Entertainment Entrepreneurs Association (P2HB).

Of course it is very unfortunate that what should be a role model for its members actually violates the rules.

Head of Civil Service Police Unit (Head of Police Headquarters) Banyuwangi, Wawan Yadmadi through Kasidik Iwan explained, the closure of the karaoke place is in accordance with the latest SE No 24/DP/MUI/kab.BWI/IV/2022 dated 18 April 2022.