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It rained last night, Residents' Houses Collapsed

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SEMPU, Jawa Pos Radar Tile - Due to heavy rain last night, houses owned by residents of Dusun Simbar, Karangsari Village, Sempu District collapsed, Thursday (8/6) early days. The house belongs to Ahmad Lukman Pratama, 24, It collapsed allegedly because the construction was already fragile.

When the house collapsed, Lukman was at home and suffered an abrasion on his head, I admit it, and his back because of crushed stone and wood. "Slightly injured, Thank God I'm still safe,Lukman said to Jawa Pos Radar Genteng

Lukman admitted that several months ago he had been planning to renovate his house. Because, many parts of the house are cracked and weathered. "The plan is after Eid al-Fitr (Eid al-Adha) want to renovate, it even crashed," he complained.

According to Lukman, when his house collapsed he was sleeping at home alone. Both parents, Marsudi, 42, and Ponitri, 40, working. "Mom is working abroad, only two months left. My father works in Bali as a leather shoe maker,he explained.

When his house collapsed, explained Lukman, pouring rain. It has been raining since Wednesday (7/6) around 22.00. Because of that rain, Lukman had time to check the building of his house because he was worried that it would collapse. “I already have a bad feeling," he said.

Strong drowsiness, making Lukman decide to go back into the room and sleep. Haven't had time to sleep yet, The heavy rain completely knocked down the roof of his house. "The left hand spontaneously covers the head, that's why the left hand is injured,"he said.

Aware of the danger threatening, Lukman immediately went outside to save himself. He admitted that he immediately slept at his aunt's house which was next to his house. “At that time, he immediately went to Bude's house and slept," he explained.

He knew his neighbor's house had collapsed, residents directly self-help do community service. For improvement, Lukman admits that he will still communicate with his parents who are outside the area. "Obviously it's being renovated, there are already installments like tiles," he said.

Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Banyuwangi has also conducted an assessment at the scene. “There is assistance in the form of esbes, semen, and wood. What will be calculated first and how much is needed,said the Secretary of BPBD Banyuwangi, Mujito.

Not only that, The Karangsari Village Government has also come to the location to check the damage to Lukman's house. "We will try to get help,said the Hamlet Head (Disappeared) Simbar, Gysthofi Sarwo.

Although it is not yet clear what kind of assistance scheme will be provided, Kadus said that he would try to help those who are in trouble. “Funds for disaster management are low, but will try. Later BPBD will also help," he concluded.(sas/abi)