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Retracing the Hydrant Facility

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It is VERY natural that the people's representatives sitting in the Banyuwangi DPRD react quite strongly, for the fire incident at the Sahabat shop at the west end of the Banyuwangi Market complex. Because if the incident was not reacted quickly and precisely, it is not impossible that the fire will spread to the Banyuwangi Market area.

Lucky, Banyuwangi Market area is still safe. Even though they have to work hard by going back and forth to fetch river water, the fire was managed to be localized in one store that caught fire. The fire didn't spread anywhere. The effort to prevent the fire from spreading is what deserves thumbs up.

But from that event, there are many things we must fix together. One of them is the hydrant facility, especially in important areas such as Pasar Banyuwangi and its surroundings. Besides that, densely populated residential areas also need to have such hydrant facilities.

Hydrant is a fire extinguishing system that uses water as a medium. The system is no different from the water pump system at home, which consists of a water storage area (reservoir), distribution system, and hydrant pump systems.

If we look back, means of hydrant distribution points already exist in several corners of Gandrung City. Not far from the location of the fire at the Sahabat shop, there used to be a hydrant pipe.

One of these pipes is currently buried in a road in front of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque (MAB). After dismantling, it turns out that the hydrant facility is no longer functioning. One more hydrant pipe facility used to be near the western red light of the Sahabat shop. But now, the pipe which may have been left by the Dutch is no longer visible.

Reflect on the incident, it is appropriate for us to return to the existence of the hydrant pipes in several strategic locations that are prone to fires. There's nothing wrong with digging and retracing the water pipeline.

Of course, to revive the water system would cost a lot of money, energy, and all of our minds. But given the importance of the function of these facilities, there is no reason to delay doing so. Forward, when all the facilities are working normally, it is our responsibility to protect it from damage. Building or making it is indeed difficult, but maintaining existing facilities proved far more difficult. (radar)