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Fall from the Wall, A Thief in Banyuwangi Surrenders Ambushed by Residents

Banyuwangi, East Java – Thief in action in the Klatak Village, Kalipuro, Banyuwangi, Monday (20/2) and the people caught him. Perpetrator who panicked immediately jumped off the wall. As a result, his leg was injured. Residents easily ambushed him.

The apes thief has the initials S (40), residents of the Klatak Village, Banyuwangi. around 10.00 WIB, The offender broke into his neighbour's house. He destroyed a number of household furniture. Unfortunately, when trying to escape by climbing the wall, residents appeared. Feeling suspicious, citizens shouted wrong.

This scream invited other residents. They scattered closer. Feeling cornered, panic offender. His intention was to escape by jumping from the top of the high wall 2,5 meter. So fell, his leg was injured. Residents immediately secured it. Lucky, residents were not ignited by emotion after seeing the perpetrators were still neighbors. at the same time, Police were passing by not far from the location. The perpetrator was eventually arrested and rushed to the hospital.

“When it falls, the offender's leg was sprained. Finally caught residents,said the Kapolsek Kalipuro, AKP Hadi Waluyo.

After undergoing medical treatment, police escorted the perpetrator to Mapolsek. It turns out, the house the perpetrator visited was empty. The culprit enters, then drained some valuable furniture. The loot is put in a sack. (flowers/hen)