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Open Earlier, Tourists Can Enjoy Blue Fire Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

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“Entrance ticket reservations are made online through the website and show the vaccine card through the PeduliLindung website.,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, The Head of the Banyuwangi Culture and Tourism Office, MY Bramuda, said he was happy with the change in the climbing hours of the Ijen Crater TWA.

He is optimistic that tourist visits at the Ijen Crater TWA will increase.

“Of course this is good news for local governments and tourists. Because they can see the blue flame again. Because during the COVID-19 pandemic, climbing ticket opening hours are hours 3 early morning while the trip to the top of Ijen takes approx 3 jam. So don't be afraid if you want to see the blue flame,” he added.

His party appreciates the East Java BBKSDA which has absorbed the aspirations of tourists who want to see the blue flame at TWA Kawah Ijen.