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Kiai Afandi Musyafa's confession before being stabbed, Suspect Rebuked Often Enters Girls Dormitory

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Darmanto (34), suspect in the attempted murder of Kiai Afandi Musyafa, Caretaker of the Miftahul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School, Tobacco Village, Sumbermulyo Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, was herded into the Banyuwangi Police detention room. (Special).

SUARAINDONESIA.CO.ID – The police have uncovered the latest motive for the attempted murder of KH Afandi Musyafa, Caretaker of the Miftahul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School, Tobacco Village, Sumbermulyo Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi Regency.

Based on the statement of KH Afandi Musyafa, who has improved after surgery at Al Huda Gambiran Hospital, revealed that the suspect who stabbed him often entered the girls' dormitory.

Darmanto suspect (34) originating from Palembang, South Sumatra, was reprimanded by Kiai Afandi so that he would no longer walk around the female students area.

“Because hurt rebuked by the victim (Kyai Afandi), the perpetrators planned to kill him,” said Banyuwangi Police Chief Kombes Pol Nasrun Pasaribu through the Pesanggaran Police Chief AKP Subandi after asking Kiai Afandi for information, Saturday (19/2/2022).

In short, when it happened on Friday (18/2/2022) early morning approx 02.00 WIB, the suspect Darmanto had prepared a kitchen knife before meeting Kiai Afandi.

The suspect Darmanto pretended to have a stomach ache and then knocked on Kiai Afandi's door to ask for help. Kiai Afandi immediately left the room and met the suspect who was in pain in the living room.

Still AKP Subandi, Kiai Afandi then gave medicine to simply help relieve the suspect's stomachache.

“Suddenly the suspect immediately stabbed Kiai Afandi with a kitchen knife that had been prepared to kill the victim,” explained the police chief.

At the time, Kiai Afandi defended himself behind the bedroom door. The action of pushing the door took place between Kiai Afandi and the suspect Darmanto. Kiai Afandi's wife who knew about this incident immediately helped Kiai Afandi close the door.

Due to losing strength, Kiai Afandi finally fell down. However, Kiai Afandi's wife immediately screamed for help from the relatives of the hut.

The assassination attempt on Kiai Afandi failed, The perpetrator immediately fled from the back door of the cottage. Several residents of the lodge tried to chase the suspect, but failed because the conditions were still dark.

The pondok family immediately took Kiai Afandi to the hospital. He suffered a stab wound to the waist and a long laceration to the jaw.

“This attempted murder was premeditated by the suspect, because he was hurt because of being reprimanded, he often went to the girls' dormitory and tried to take revenge,” explained Subandi.

The suspect had fled, but the police managed to trace his whereabouts. He was arrested without a fight at an Ice Shop in Yosomulyo Village, Gambiran District, around 11.00 WIB.

“The suspect had planned to flee from Banyuwangi, but have no money. In the end we managed to arrest the suspect, then we took it to the Pesanggaran Police,” explained Subandy.

The perpetrator was not actually a student, but he received mercy or was accommodated by Kiai Afandi and still is 15 day of survival in the boarding school environment.

The police finally named Darmanto a suspect. The knife used to stab Kiai Afandi was dumped in the Seneporejo River, Siliragung, and was found by the police.

The suspect was charged with multiple articles. Because he carried out the persecution and attempted murder of Kiai Afandi who was also the chairman of the Pesanggaran MUI.

The articles that apply are: 351 verse 2, together 340, together 53 verse 2 KUHP, with minimal penalty 15 years in prison and a maximum of life.

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