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Expand the Market, Banyuwangi Coffee Farmers and SMEs Meet 150 Buyer from 3 Country

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Coffee farmers and SMEs in Banyuwangi have the opportunity to expand their market to foreign countries.

Through the business forum "International Business Matching Ijen Coffee", coffee farmers met with hundreds of buyers from three countries, that is Canada, German, and the Philippines.

The buyers took part in virtual business matching which was followed directly by coffee farmers in Banyuwangi, Monday (7/3/2022).

Kegiatan ini diprakarsai oleh National Support for Local Investment Climate /National Support for Enhancing Local and Regional Economic Development (NSLIC/NSELRED), Global Affairs Canada, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marves), Ministry of BPN/Bapennas, and the Ministry of PDTT, as well as a number of other stakeholders.

"This is support for the development of coffee SMEs in Indonesia", including Banyuwangi. We want to bring together coffee farmers with buyers directly,”Kata Peter F Walton, NSLIC/NSELRED Project Director.

This activity involves 100 more SMEs in the coffee sub-sector, as well as exporters and other stakeholders officially appointed by the government to facilitate coffee export activities for Banyuwangi and surrounding farmers in the Mount Ijen area.

“Banyuwangi coffee is known for its quality, both robusta and arabica,said Nurdin, Coordinator Responsive Innovation Fund NSLIC.

He explained, Ijen Coffee's International Business Matching series begins with a curation process to ensure MSME coffee products are ready for export.

"Besides the product meets export standards,, Farmers must own land at least 2 hectares with minimal production 1 tons per year for production certainty,"explained Nurdin.

Banyuwangi was chosen because it is one of the largest coffee production in East Java.

In this activity, foreign buyers are given time to understand the details of MSME coffee products.

Previously, they have been supplied with information regarding the coffee products offered. Like a kind of coffee, production time, processing technique, until the expiration date.

“We will also bridge them at the end of March to meet domestic buyers. So we also facilitate export and domestic markets,” Nurdin said.

This activity was received positively by the farmers, among them M. Yusuf from the Java Farmer's Group Ijen Madusari from Tamansari Village, Licin District.

“We got a lot of information about the coffee business and its marketing. We use this to ask a lot of things. This opens up our market opportunities to other countries," he said.

Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani said, virtual business is an opportunity for Banyuwangi farmers to open their markets.

“Thank you to the many central governments and other parties who continue to support Banyuwangi. This kind of facilitation will certainly be very beneficial for coffee farmers, especially in this kind of pandemic situation to foster hope and opportunity for them,” said Ipuk.

Ipuk also said that Banyuwangi's coffee has attracted the European market. “Coffee from Perkebunan Malangsari, Kalibaru, has been regularly ordered by Switzerland and Italy,” he concluded.