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Gus Wafa Tutup Usia

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TEGALSARI – The extended family of the Darussalam Islamic Boarding School, Blokagung, Karangdoro Village, Tegalsari District, Banyuwangi, mourn. One of the boarding school caretakers, KH. Ali Waffa Syafaat or Gus Wafa, 46, around 06.00 died yesterday (24/6).

Son of the founder of the Darussalam Islamic boarding school Blokagung, the late KH. Muhtar Syafaat Abdul Gofur with the late Hj. Busyarofah, He died while being treated at Ar-Rohma Hospital, Jajag Village, Gambiran District. KH's younger brother. Ahmad Hisyam Syafaat has been affected by complications for a long time.

On Tuesday (23/6) around 15.30 The family was rushed to hospital because his condition was deteriorating. After undergoing treatment, tomorrow morning around 05.20 die. “Mas Wafa's condition is still good, how come,explained KH. Abdul Malik Syafaat, Gus Wafa's younger brother.

According to Gus Malik—KH. Abdul Malik Syafaat, Several hours before he died, Gus Wafa was still asking to get around using a wheelchair. In fact, At that time he was still fasting. “While traveling in a wheelchair, he suddenly asked to be taken to his room and died when he was about to be moved to bed," he said.

Gus Wafa's death apparently not only affected the large family of the Darussalam Islamic Boarding School, Blokagung, mourn. The NU extended family and Banyuwangi community are also in mourning. Since he died in hospital, Thousands of pilgrimages came to the Islamic boarding school under KH. Ahmad Hisyam Syafaat that.

They waited for the body to be buried in the family cemetery 13.00. "On behalf of the family, I sincerely ask everyone to forgive my late brother (Gus Wafa)," asked KH. Ahmad Hisyam Syafaat.

The atmosphere at the deceased's funeral was filled with thousands of people who wanted to pay their last respects. From the mosque where the body is buried to the burial location which is approx 150 meters filled with students, alumni, and penance.

The many pilgrimages lining the road leading to the burial site make it seem like the coffin is walking alone on a sea of ​​people. The burial site, which is quite large, is already full of pilgrimages. Among those who attended, The Deputy Regent of Banyuwangi, Yusuf Widyatmoko, was seen there, Chairman of PCNU Banyuwangi KH. Masykur Ali, Head of the Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Religion) Banyuwangi Santoso, and hundreds of clerics and students. (radar)

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