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CCTV Recorded While Stealing HP, This beautiful mother was arrested by the police

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BANYUWANGI – A beautiful housewife named Meilina Eka Letari from the hamlet of Grajagan Pantai, Grajagan village, Purwoharjo District, arrested Resmob Banyuwangi Police.

Woman 26 That year he was arrested for stealing a cell phone at the Planet Cell Counter, Damtelu Village, Kedung Gebang Village, Tegaldlimo . District, at the end of last july. This woman's action was caught on the surveillance camera at the counter.

After the incident, counter owner, Yudi Kurniagama, (37), immediately reported the incident to the police.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Banyuwangi Police, AKP Panji Prathista Wijaya stated, based on the victim's report, His son's Oppo F5 cellphone was lost when the cellphone was placed on a lounger at the counter.

"Hose 5 minutes later the victim's child returned to take his cellphone, but the HP is no longer in place,” said the graduate of the Police Academy in 2007 this.

Satisfied looking for and not finding his son's cellphone, The victim then played the surveillance camera footage. From the CCTV footage, it was known that a woman took her cellphone.

He also uploaded a video recording of a surveillance camera that described the time of the theft of the cellphone to his social media account.

The footage of the theft has gone viral on social media. Members of the Banyuwangi Police Resmob then conducted an investigation to hunt down this woman. Finally, the perpetrator was caught at his home.

"After we do a search", We found the victim's cellphone which was used by the perpetrator himself,"said the police, who is usually called Panji.

CCTV footage shows the perpetrator coming to the counter with a man. He came riding a Honda Beat motorbike that was not equipped with a license plate.

The suspect confessed to the police that he committed the act alone. The reason he wants to have that type of HP.

"Our perpetrators are snared with articles 362 Criminal Code on theft,"he said".